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Welcome to Biolac

We are the biggest producer of milk composition for the food industry in Northern Germany. Since 1986 we manufacture sweet whey concentrate as sole raw material.
Sweet whey is a by-product of the manufacture of hard and semi-hard cheese. It is a valuable raw material containing nutritionally important high quality proteins, milk, sugar and minerals.
We are situated in Harbarnsen near Hildesheim in Lower Saxony. We are focused and specialised in manufacturing and the refinement of sweet whey. Our central location covers all of Northern Germany.
Our catchment area for sweet whey ranges from the Isle of Rügen, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony to Hesse and Saxony.
The products of the whey protein sort Ultralac are sold worldwide and used in many end products.
They are used in all kinds of pastries, confectionery and snacks, in yogurts, dressing, dips, ice cream, baby food and other dairy products and dietary foods.
Lactose is mainly used as carrier of aromas, as raw material in the pharmaceutical industry and as filler. The whey protein combines high value in terms of nutritional physiology with important functional properties like water retention, the ability to coagulate and stabilise.

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